Some microplastics were found in the salt on the person's finger.
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There is Plastic in my Salt?

Plastic is a well-known material that can be seen everywhere. What about microplastics? They are tiny plastic pi...

Posted by Tiffany Lin on March 06, 2023
The two hands are individually above and below the green heart which was gathered by the plant.
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How to Have a Sustainable Valentine's Day

What is the first thing that pops up in your mind when it comes to Valentine’s Day? Couples, love, chocolates, a...

Posted by Tiffany Lin on February 11, 2023
The Real Cost of Fast Fashion
The Real Cost of Fast Fashion

  With the development of industrialization, the changing speed of fashion trends is also increasing. Therefore,...

Posted by Viola Yu on January 29, 2023
A natural christmas tree and a fake christmas tree made with plastic.
Is a Plastic Tree More Sustainable?

Having a real Christmas tree at home at Christmas originates back hundreds of years to Europe. With the rising e...

Posted by Tiffany Lin on December 29, 2022
What is greenwashing?
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Greenwashing? How to Spot It.

In recent years, environmental issues have become a global concern. “Green” and “sustainability” are not only ne...

Posted by Tiffany Lin on December 13, 2022
Tights Repurposing
Tights Repurposing

Looking for a Place to Recycle Your CLOVO Products? Below are some great options that turn your clothing int...

Posted by Megan Martis on September 09, 2021
A woman in a grey sustainable sweater is starring at the lake behind her.
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3 Sustainable Materials to Add to Your List

Materials come in different colors and sizes, but those aspects are just what first catches your eye. What mater...

Posted by Tiffany Lin on November 30, 2020