Why TENCEL™ is the Future of the Clothing Industry

Why TENCEL™ is the Future of the Clothing Industry


What is TENCEL?

TENCEL™ is a natural cellulose fiber that is mainly created from the wood pulp of Eucalyptus Trees. It then is made into a fabric that has many environmental benefits as well as clothing benefits. It leaves a much greener footprint on the environment than its competitors.


Environmental Benefits

Did you know that nylon is made from crude oil? Other pantyhose on the market are made with mostly nylon. The making of those nylon pantyhose is contributing to the creation of plastic waste in our environment. TENCEL™ is the new less harmful alternative. TENCEL™’s creation is directly from trees and it is not treated with harmful chemicals that are often found in fast-fashion clothing, which makes it non-toxic.



Clothing Benefits

Along with its striking environmental benefits, TENCEL™ also has many clothing benefits which make it stand out even more. Aside from being non-toxic, TENCEL™ is also breathable and moisture wicking. Its breathability allows for a comfortable wear without feeling trapped and overheating. It is extremely flexible while also maintaining its strength and longer wear time. TENCEL™ has the versatility to blend well with other fabrics while still maintaining its beneficial properties, comfort, breathability, flexibility, and sustainability.

Fast Fashion and the Clothing Industry

Fast fashion is creating clothes as quickly and cheaply as possible to allow for shipping mass amounts to consumers. This does not sound too bad right? ​Wrong. This then contributes plastic waste to the environment from the cheaper materials and harmful chemicals used to create them while giving the consumer a shorter wear time for the product they have purchased.



Why Slow Fashion and TENCEL™ are the Future

Slow fashion is the environmentally friendly way to provide the consumers with quality, comfortable, and stylish pieces while still protecting the environment. TENCEL™ is the bridge between comfort/style and the environment. The move towards environmentally friendly materials is necessary but will start with smaller sustainably focused companies who will then put pressure on the larger companies who are still utilizing fast fashion techniques. The environment is feeling the effects of the fast fashion industry and it is time for change. At CLOVO we will be part of the change, the time is now and the catalyst is TENCEL™.


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