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Answers to Our Common Questions:

What are the benefits of Tencel and Modal Fibers

Tencel™ and Modal are natural wood based fiber that gives it superior breathability, durability, moisture management, temperature regulation, and more. This means that they are stronger than traditional nylon tights, do not itch, are never too hot or cold, and is free of harmful chemicals that could cause skin irritation. I personally love Tencel™ fibers because they are luxuriously soft and feel strong.

Should I purchase EverTights or RevoTights?

Both RevoTights™ and EverTights™ are made primarily from Tencel™ wood based fibers. Their main differentiator is that EverTights™ have a thin short that eliminates sag and RevoTights™ don't have the short. If you don't typically have problems with sagging, we recommend you buy the RevoTights™.

How long do our tights last?

Typically, if put on correctly based on the instructions included with the tights, our tights last between 30-40 wears. They can last even longer if they undergo proper care.

How long will it take to get my order?

Your orders will take about 3-5 days to deliver. If you are experiencing a problem with delivery, please contact us right away and we will figure out why.

How can I return or exchange my product?

Need to make a size or color exchange or report an issue with your product? No problem! We offer free exchanges and refunds for the first 30 days if an issue arises, no questions asked. Please email us at

Interested in wholesale?

All CLOECO products are available for wholesale. If you are interested in learning more, please email us at