EverTights or RevoTights? What's the difference?

EverTights or RevoTights? What's the difference?

The number one question we get asked is the difference between RevoTights and EverTights. It is no surprise to us that this is the case since we’ve created both of these words. To break down their differences must naturally start with why we chose these two words in the first place. But don’t worry, we’ll do it fast. So EverTights was our very first product and the product that was the match that brought CLOECO to life. I hated how much tights sagged, itched… you name it, so I wanted to create the best tights EVER. Thus, the word EverTights was born! RevoTights came during our Kickstarter campaign when we wanted to give people the opportunity to also buy natural tights if they didn’t particularly have sagging issues. Along the same thread of innovation as EverTights, RevoTights came from the word revolutionary (as you may have guessed). 

Fundamentally, they both are the same tights at the end of the day. By the same, I mean they are built from the same plant-powered material, Tencel. If you haven’t heard of my favorite sustainable power house fiber, you can learn more here. The only difference between RevoTights and EverTights is that EverTights have a super comfy pair of shorts that are not there to squish your body into the body type defined by a confirmatory society, but to support your natural form and eliminate sagging issues. 

Still confused? Here is a visual comparison of the two types of tights as well:

The words and imagery still just not making sense to understand the difference between EverTights and RevoTights? We love to answer all your questions! Feel free to send as a Hello at hello@cloeco.com anytime! Not sure which pair is the right fit for you? That's why we have a bundle offer to test them both out at a discounted rate, but all the plant-power your wardrobe needs!

At the end of the day, if you have problems with sagging, we recommend the EverTights. If you don't, we recommend the RevoTights. If you want to be able to remove the short, we recommend ordering a pair of our Boyshort Underwear to slip on over the tights to make them convertible EverTights essentially!.

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