There is Plastic in my Salt?

Some microplastics were found in the salt on the person's finger.

Plastic is a well-known material that can be seen everywhere. What about microplastics? They are tiny plastic pieces that are less than 5mm and have been found in sea salt on the market. Here are two questions we would want to know, how did microplastics enter the oceans, and what makes the pollution worse? Microplastics can enter the oceans through various sources, for instance, the breakdown of large plastic items, the release of microfibers from synthetic clothing, and the dumping of plastic waste, etc.

It does sound horrible and concerning; however, the situation could be controlled if we start to do some changes in our life. According to Springer (2023), the levels of microplastics found in sea salt are low. The average concentration of microplastics in sea salt was found to be around 0.01 particles per gram. Some studies are showing that microplastics may be harmful to human health, but more pieces of evidence and research are needed to prove this evidence. This is a wake-up call for us to be aware of the pollution problem. Here are some easy ways to change, such as preparing reusable bags and containers by us, properly recycling waste, and selecting sustainable materials instead of plastic. Even if it sounds like a tiny change of behavior but in a long term, it would be helpful to our planet for sure.


Springer, P. (2023, January 22). Microplastics in Salt? Fact or Fiction? Sea Salt Superstore.

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