Natural Materials - Sustainability You Can Feel

The CLOECO difference comes down to our physics-based designs & natural materials that are engineered to provide you with unbelievable comfort

All of our products are made from either Tencel or Modal fibers - both produced from sustainably grown wood fibers. We also only use OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified dyes to ensure our products are harsh chemical free.

Wondering why we are so in LOVE with natural materials? It comes down to science.

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Modal and Tencel fibers are changing the fashion industry for the better. Made from renewable sources instead of crude oil like recycled & new nylon and polyester, these fibers are less chemical intensive and do not have microplastics.

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Common Questions About Tree Fibers

Do Tencel and Modal fibers contribute to deforestation?

Absolutely not. In fact, the wood that is used to grow these fibers is grown specifically for material purposes. Also, growing more trees is a great way to capture carbon, so using this fiber makes our products help reduce CO2 in our atmosphere.

What are the main benefits of Tencel and Modal fibers?

The list could go on and on, but our favorite benefits include: moisture management, skin-friendliness, bacteria growth resistance, brethability, and color retention.

Why should I choose tree fibers over recycled plastic?

We believe that the biggest misconception in the clothing industry today is that recycled fibers are good for the planet and your body. It is unfortunate news to tell that recycled plastics actually contain more harsh chemicals and release more micro-plastics than even new plastics. This is not only shown in the clothing industry by us, but also by a study done on recycled plastics in water bottles. Learn More