Black RevoTights

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Say goodbye to your saggy, itchy old oil-based nylons and hello to your natural and soft RevoTights!

-Just like EverTights, but without the attached short

-71% Plant cellulose fibers have a porous structure that allows for easy breathing

-Cool in the summer & warm in the winter. 29% polyamide and spandex to keep their shape

-Soft fibers are skin-friendly, itch-free & super strong
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Science of Fashion

As a fashion company owned by scientists, we take our materials seriously when it comes to the environment and your body.


Designs created by women & the environment for unbelievable comfort & environmental protection

Sustainably grown Modal and Tencel fibers

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Customer Reviews

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Chesney Boyer
You can feel the difference!

I haven’t worn the tights yet but I tried them on and they feel soft and durable. No chemical smell or weird feeling like store bought tights. Excited to have these in my fall/winter wardrobe.

Super comfortable and breathable!

I don't really like wearing tights but I needed these to wear for a choir concert and you know what, they were actually comfortable! They feel nice on my skin and not too hot or constricting. I might actually wear them at other times than just for choir.

Wendy Nugent
love these tights!

These are my favorite tights. I prefer the ones without shorts, so I'm glad there's the option. Thanks, CLOVO!

Erin Nolan

Black RevoTights™ - No Short

Great tights.

Great tights. Look good and feel good. Wish there were other colors. I bought large although the measurements suggested I buy medium. That was a good idea because I am 5 foot 9 and height contributes to proper sizing. The tights fit me well. I accidentally bought the tights with boy shorts. They are attached to the tights, and I am not sure what I think of them. It is possible to separate them, however, if one know what they are doing. I do, so I am not worried about that.