Womens black footed tights. Tights are non-itch, antimicrobial and eco friendly.
Womens eco friendly black tights. Antimicrobial and no itch. CLOECO tights are durable and long lasting.
Womens durable comfortable black tights. Sustainable and ecofriendly.
Womens durable long lasting tights. high quality, comfortable and also ecofriendly.

Black RevoTights

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Say goodbye to your itchy, old oil-based nylons, and hello to your natural and soft RevoTights!

-Just like EverTights, but without the attached short

-71% Plant cellulose fibers have a porous structure that allows for easy breathing

-Cool in the summer & warm in the winter. 29% polyamide and spandex to keep their shape

-Soft fibers are skin-friendly, itch-free & tear resistant

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Science of Fashion

As a fashion company owned by scientists, we take our materials seriously when it comes to the environment and your body.


Designs created by women & the environment for unbelievable comfort & environmental protection

Sustainably grown Modal and Tencel fibers

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Lina VI
Feels great, looks awesome, well-made

I'm new to wearing tights, and I was worried they would fit like the ones I'd wear as a kid. These surpassed my expectations. They felt great when wearing, seem durable, and look great on. I'm coming back for more!

Jane Porter
Very very comfortable.

I wore these with a skirt, and the entire time I was at a concert, I said to myself, “I’m so glad I bought these tights. They are a pleasure to wear

Chesney Boyer
You can feel the difference!

I haven’t worn the tights yet but I tried them on and they feel soft and durable. No chemical smell or weird feeling like store bought tights. Excited to have these in my fall/winter wardrobe.

Super comfortable and breathable!

I don't really like wearing tights but I needed these to wear for a choir concert and you know what, they were actually comfortable! They feel nice on my skin and not too hot or constricting. I might actually wear them at other times than just for choir.

Wendy Nugent
love these tights!

These are my favorite tights. I prefer the ones without shorts, so I'm glad there's the option. Thanks, CLOVO!