CLOVO™'s Story

It was through the evolution of a simple idea to make sheer tights actually comfortable...

Founder Megan started CLOVO™ in 2018 while living through freezing Upstate NY winters. Tights were a lifeline in NY; however, she absolutely hated how they felt, sagged, ripped easily, and were incredibly itchy! To fix all these problems, she engineered EverTights™ and RevoTights™ using her background in physics and science. 


CLOVO™ strives to provide clothing and accessories to empower women and the environment through the creation of long-lasting designs and the use of natural materials.

CLOVO™ Core Values


Feel confident that our products are made with the smallest environmental foot print in mind. At CLOVO™, sustainable means using natural, plant based materials to provide you ultimate comfort and skin-friendly fibers while protecting our Earth.


Feel beautiful in our soft and durable natural fiber tights that have your back. Our tights embrace your natural shape and take malfunctions out of your wardrobe. 

Science of Fashion

Feel trust in the fact that these products were not only created by women for women, but that they were designed by women scientists and engineers based on physics and an environmentally conscious design.

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The CLOVO™ Team

A Passion for Science and the Environment Connect Us

With a background in astrogeophysics and engineering, founder Megan formed a team with a diversity of skillsets, but one with shared love for creating a better future for the Earth. Unlike most fashion companies, CLOVO™'s core team is 100% women with science and engineering backgrounds who work to continuously make the brand more comfortable for women of all body types and more sustainable.