Why Not You?

Why Not You?


The phrase why not you” came up in my meeting the other day. When I first saw it on the powerpoint slide, I didn’t really notice it. However, when the woman read these three words out loud, I was taken aback. These three words, however short, are incredibly powerful. 


Have you ever thought of an idea for a product, social movement, or innovation, but thought, oh, someone else will probably do this or is already doing it? I’d imagine this goes through people’s minds at least once a year, and it certainly has gone through mine many times in the past. I believe that we think this way because it is hard to see how people build successful start-ups that turn into amazing companies. 


It's easy to look at someone and think they had instant success, but aren’t quite sure how they actually got to that success. It took me a long time to come to the realization that anyone can really do anything if you know how to play the entrepreneurship ball game. There are so many resources out there for funding and people who would support you, especially for women right now. It is a limitation certainly that only about 10% of venture capital funding goes to women, but there are many change makers out there currently trying to make it more of an even playing field.


So where exactly did I learn about how people start these great companies? I wouldn’t connect it to one singular experience, but a string of experiences that have accumulated into a solid understanding. I was lucky enough to be part of my college’s incubator where I was able to attain the mentorship and funding to help launch CLOVO Brand LLC. Through this incubator I was able to talk with a lot of entrepreneurship mentors skilled on many topics. Also, just the experience of starting from ground 0 to a growing start-up, you really get into the nitty gritty of what entrepreneurship is.


To be honest, when first starting out, I felt very out of place. I felt like I, especially as a woman in science, did not fit into the business world. I often was asked to pitch during incubator meetings, which really brought me out of my comfort zone. I often told myself, I’m just an awkward physics student, I don’t know what they expect of me. However, what I really should have been thinking is why not me, why not any woman, why not anyone with no previous skills or experience. It is truly amazing what you can learn and accomplish just through passion and perseverance.


 I hope that the next time you come up with an idea, you think why not me, why not. Maybe you will find your true life calling, maybe you will fail. But either way it will be worth it.


Interested in learning about my business partners’ experience with entrepreneurship and how to get started with an idea? We have created a YouTube series called Gal*X*E (Gals for Entrepreneurship) to help you understand how to find your path in entrepreneurship and how to keep moving past obstacles.

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