Intern Series: How to Shop Mindfully

Intern Series: How to Shop Mindfully
A third segment to CLOVO's intern blog series about what sustainability means, Alana Beebe reflects on what sustainability means to her:
       In our world, sustainability is needed more than ever. To me, sustainability means utilizing resources that are environmentally conscious while reducing consumption of non-renewable resources. Ultimately, meeting our own needs without relying on future generations to encounter them for us.
Personally, my drive and passion for sustainability comes from being
environmentally aware at a young age. Growing up, my family taught me about the detrimental effects of single use plastics and the importance of recycling, but it wasn’t until high school that I experienced a “fashion awakening.” After
becoming mindful that the clothes I was wearing was negatively impacting the
planet, I began advocating for sustainable fashion and made it my personal mission to create change in the fashion industry.
How I continue to shop mindfully:
>Investing in quality conscious clothing that will last you years rather than
fast fashion pieces that have a short shelf life and consist of harmful plastics.
>Giving clothing a new life by thrifting, up-cycling, and shopping second
>Continuously wearing the clothes already in my closet.
As always there is no “perfect” when it comes to living sustainability, but making an effort to be a conscious buyer, and decision maker, is ultimately the most sustainable thing you can do.
By Alana Beebe
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