Intern Blog: Environmentalism (with a focus on plastic pollution)

Intern Blog: Environmentalism (with a focus on plastic pollution)
The last blog in CLOVO's intern series is on plastic pollution through the lens of intern Anoushka's many travels:

When looking at history, environmentalism has always been something that was put down in terms of priority. The effects of this ongoing neglect have been starting to materialize in a multitude of ways during the 21st century, all around the world. Thus, it is crucial for humans to start understanding how we can improve our ways of living by developing and enhancing technology to accommodate the natural systems of our environment, and the beings that live within it. The conservation and protection of our planet is one of many global concerns that stretches across the world, and extends to the edges of all borders of any country, which illuminates the uniqueness of the issue.

Growing up, I have had the privilege of traveling around the world, going to places such as Singapore, Dubai, Thailand, Costa Rica etc. More recently, in 2019, I visited Mumbai, India for the first time. Something that I have noticed in every single place I have visited is the existence of plastic pollution and waste that is improperly disposed of. Specifically, in Mumbai, the amount of trash and plastic that was populating the areas of Mumbai were enormous. Especially with the amount of wildlife and natural beautification that Mumbai holds in its beaches and oceans surrounding, it was difficult to see the possible impacts that the large amount of trash could have.

There is an obvious disconnect between the convenience of society today, and taking care of our environment. We shouldn't have to sacrifice our environment for our satisfaction, thus, it is crucial to find a sustainable and effective way to bridge this disconnect between ease and caring for our environment by continuing to create products with sustainability and environmentalism distinctly in mind.


Plastic Pollution Issue in Mumbai, India (2019)

By Anoushka Soni

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So proud of you Anoushka,its heartening to know that today’s youngsters are making efforts in bringing awareness about the impact of pollution and how we can reduce/stop further damage to our environment and make our planet a better place to live.keep up the good work : )

seema Soni,

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