Intern Series: From Loving the Earth to Structuring a Career to Save It

Intern Series: From Loving the Earth to Structuring a Career to Save It

This summer we asked the CLOVO™ interns to explore why they are passionate about sustainability. Erica Langer, our Science of Fashion intern, explores what sustainability means to her: 

Throughout my entire life, I have loved to explore. I have loved to go outside to get some fresh air, clear my mind, and venture through my surroundings to understand my environment better and be better equipped to take care of it. I remember being interested in looking at all the different kinds of trees, seeing birds fly around, and watching flowers bloom. Feeling connected to the environment has made me passionate about wanting to protect its beauty, purpose, and natural ways of being. 

With my love of nature and my connection with it, I went to college knowing I would major in the science behind the environment and what is currently altering it: climate change. Studying atmospheric and oceanic science has taught me the vulnerability and incredible structure of the planet to exist and be a source for life. It is an irreplaceable, living body that must be taken care of just like the human body, just in a larger form. I have learned the science behind the global warming phenomena and am determined to have a career in providing ways in which others can invest time in making sustainable choices! It is essential that people living in this world understand the importance of that and of what it means to be sustainable so that there can be a bright future for generations to come and for the planet to flourish. I love to think about a world where everyone is aware of their only home and can come together to promote sustainable methods that allow them to live their lives to the fullest yet keep in mind they should allow their planet to be in its genuine, healthy state! It is just what CLOVO is accomplishing in their mission to produce women’s tights out of natural materials! 

By Erica Langer

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